Screen Printing and Embroidery for clothing and accessories, as well as Technical Screenprinting, Overlays, and Labels for industrial and commercial applications

Does Your Latest Product Look Like This?

Products are often designed for function, without much consideration given to appearance… until it’s too late! That’s why Arrow Mountain offers 3 different solutions to your product marking problems – plus the talented staff to efficiently enhance your design.

01. Labels

Labels are a fast and cost-effective way to add color impact to a finished product. They are particularly useful when the surface to be marked is recessed, or last-minute changes need to be made to a screen printed part. Labels work best on smooth, flat surfaces.

Labels are most durable when they are protected at the edges: Either by a matching shallow recess in the part, or by a bezel that covers the edge. Our pressure-sensitive adhesives provide secure mounting on a wide variety of materials.

02. Screen Printing

Screen printing is your best choice when your product requires marking in several areas of the same surface, or where a label doesn’t provide a finished “look”. We choose inks compatible with your paint, powder coating or material surface, assuring maximum durability. At Arrow Mountain we can screen on flat, curved, textured and complex shapes.

Screen print allows you to add color and style to an entire surface, or even several surfaces of the same product. Our in-house artists can help you create a balanced design, or check our Artwork Guidelines for suggestions to prepare your own.

03. Overlay

Overlays are similar to labels, only the printing is applied to the back side of a clear polycarbonate (Lexan®) sheet. Once the artwork colors are layered, the remaining open space is “flooded” with a background color (the light purple here). Then, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer completes the overlay.

Overlays are more expensive than screen printing, but they have an important cost advantage: Your panel doesn’t require painting or powder coating! Also, an overlay can include design features that are not possible with other types of marking. The LED windows shown here for the numeric display and power light are built into the overlay, both protecting the devices and enhancing contrast. You can also “bleed” your artwork to the edge of the part (the blue border) without the irregular edge that can sometimes occur with screen printing.

Overlays are the most durable form of marking, since the artwork is completely protected behind a layer of polycarbonate. Although the overlay substrate is stiffer, we suggest the same edge protections as for labels.

An overlay allows the most flexible use of color, providing maximum impact for your product. Since the artwork is often more complex than screen print, we recommend our in-house artists to make the most of your design.

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